Cayden fucks Travis

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Love the bottom's cock and balls at 14:33. Hot.
saal1969 1 year ago
one word...DAMN!
lovehairydude 1 year ago
I do believe they started out without a condom and somehow remembered to put one on.
Prometheus13 3 years ago
Yes rollerboy it seemed as tho they were bareback at first & then once they changed to a shot where u could definately tell he was all wrapped up which is sad cause it was really Hot watching them fuck bare.
shanealexander30 3 years ago
Loved this film! Did it not seem like they started out bareback, then switched to a condom? It sure did to me!
rollerboy_1979 4 years ago
OMG! 1 of the greatest fucking man to man porn scenes I have ever seen!This is off the chain! What r the names of the two men so I can see more of them? I have to see the blonde, more masculine man GETTING fucked! Do tell.
brickellrich 5 years ago
Actually, it's Brock Traynor fucking Cayden
megaman82 5 years ago
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